Had dinner with my beloved friends.

Revitalised! (:

We look queer in both pictures. But we’re still sekzy.

Sekzy enough to make a huge difference in my life. (:

Aaron got me this Starbucks water bottle i really liked. And i know its pretty nonsensical, but i feel revitalised after drinking water from it. And then I’ll just say. “Hmmm, Revitalised!”.

Long day ahead. Nights (:


I wonder what is it about Events Management that really entices me so much. Is it the coordination amongst all the people involved, the sourcing of the different firms to get involved with, the whole logistics, the administration, the relay systems, the outcome, the music, the stress, the budget constraints or is it the smile on the faces of the people that entice me.

And i figured out why sometimes, you need to really lay out your thoughts and brainstorm it properly in order to find out your answer.

I realised, that the beauty behind doing up an event is the satisfaction behind how all those nasty things involved are covered up in such a prestigious manner to make the event look successful. It sounds like a dirty thing, but its beauty to me.

And i might as well pursue what i like sooner. (:

Its all a matter of perspective.

There’s a laugh in my eyes
There’s a waltz in my walk
And it’s been such a long time
Since there was hope in my talk
If you never knew
What it is that’s new.. it’s you

‘Cause when your hands are in mine
You set a fire that everyone can see
And it’s burning away
Every bad memory
To tell you the truth
If it’s something new.. baby it’s you

Belated Photos from my trip to Melbourne

Gone with the wind. I wonder what was all about the little tears and the little pinky promises. You getting away, your secretive life. Well, maybe the talks are the staircase were all a facade, or its just simply the past. Maybe its your obsession with self, or it could be your individualistic character. Somehow, once i seem to be of no value anymore you just get over and done with it.

Our intentions to send you off. And all we got was ignorance. You’re no superstar, i don’t have to suck up to you. So if maybe you think that the trip down along with two of my friends, and two of them who was nice enough to consider the fact that making a trip down along with me is worth their time just to send you off, and yet you brutally just turned us away and make it seem as though we’re tied to some obligations to see you off, i pretty much guess you were wrong.

And at the point in time, it doesn’t matter to me what your intentions were, for all i bother about is the fact that i mean virtually nothing to you anymore, so much for me showing so much concern, and so much for that pathetic promise. It wasn’t a promise as for as i’m concern now, i was just blabbering rubbish that night.